About me

Hi, I’m Carmela and I am a UI/UX and Motion Designer with education background in architecture and photography.
I currently live in Berlin but my heart will always belong to my hometown, Napoli, that shaped the way I express myself. 
I LOVE everything that is visual: graphic design, illustration, photography, video, animation, collage, painting, fashion, make-up, tattoo, architecture, interior design, 3d modelling and many other things I don’t know yet. 
In my past experience as fashion designer I used my creativity and empathy to transform functionality in aesthetics solutions, in order to create products in which users could recognise themselves. 
My shift from producing physical products to designing digital experiences was the natural consequence of realising that our planet doesn't need more things but shared experiences that connect.
Now, as Designer, I thrive on transforming clients concepts into seamless, intuitive and meaningful designs.
With a user-centric mindset, I specialise in creating visually striking and user-friendly interfaces. From wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes and UI motion, whether it's a micro interaction, screen transition or a captivating logo animation, I want to bring a dynamic touch to every project to enhance emotional connection with users
When I am not designing, I am probably treating my dog as human child or roller-skating on Disco music.

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